L’ARCHITECTURE POUR QUELQUE CHOSE Triennale de « Photographie et Architecture », # 5

Mars-Mai 2015

Faculté d’architecture de l’ULB « La Cambre Architecture/Horta »

Place Flagey 19

1050 Bruxelles

TEL : 02/640.96.96

FAX : 02/647.46.55

GSM : 0032/479/71.01.69

E.MAIL : marc.mawet@ulb.ac.be  

call to candidates GUIDELINES

  1. The official language of this biennale is French.
  2. This call to candidates is aimed at selecting exhibitors, based on a dossier, who will participate in this 5th edition of the triennial “photography and architecture” organized by ULB architecture faculty “la Cambre/Horta” (Brussels), in collaboration with the museum of photography, the center for contemporary art of the French community Wallonia/Brussels in Charleroi.
  3. This exhibition will take place from March 2015 to May 2015 (dates to be specified) in the exhibit hall “’l’Espace Architecture La Cambre”, Place Flagey 19bis (Boondael angle), 1050 Brussels.
  4. The exhibition is liable to be exported to different cultural venues within Belgium and the European Union. Selected candidates agree to leave their works for a period of maximum 12 months starting on the day of the expositionopening. While these are in the care of the architecture faculty, the faculty agrees to pay for any storage and insurance fees.
  5. The theme for this exhibit can be found in the attached text.
  6. Candidates can apply individually or collectively.
  7. This call to candidates is open to anyone who utilizes photography as a mode of expression, regardless of age, nationality, country of origin or profession.
  8. It is preferable for candidates to accompany their work with a personal text which explains circumstances, objectives and stakes of their work. This text is however not an obligation nor criteria for selection. This document will be in French.
  9. All techniques of photography are acceptable, including photomontage, with the exclusion of video or film.
  10. The proposed project will not have to be created specifically for the triennial. The organizers will not require exclusivity. This work may have been previously exhibited or published, however, not be prior to 2000.
  11. All applications must contain :
     A document identifying the candidate, complete info and name of the candidate or candidates (name, place of birth, address, phone, fax, and e-mail) if applying as a group the name of one reference person in order to simplifycontacts.
     A curriculum vitae listing the background of the candidate or candidates
     A printed version of the work proposed for the exposition, A4 paper format.
     A precise description of the format and specific layout of the finished work. Candidates can make arrangements to see the proposed exposition hall if necessary.
     In light of limited available space and the impossibility to forecast the quantity of items selected it is possible that not all submitted items will be exposed. This will naturally be negotiated by the organizers and the candidate.
  12. The dossier will be mailed or handed over in a sealed envelope (under the responsibility of the expeditor) to the following address. It will clearly be addressed as follows :
    Faculté d’Architecture de l’ULB La Cambre Horta 
    Triennale « Photographie et Architecture » 
    A l’attention de Monsieur Marc Mawet, commissaire 
    19, Place Flagey 
    1050 Bruxelles 
  13. The ultimate arrival date for all dossers is 30 May 2013. It is understood that all documents must have arrived by this date, as they may not be processed otherwise.A new featureof this 5th edition : collaboration with art schools in the way of an “invited view”. The idea is that this edition be “colorful” and that the educational choices and spirit of the invited school be obvious.
  14. The jury will be comprised of 6 people, 3 from the architecture faculty and 3 from the photography workshop. It is with this balance that an event titled “Photography and architecture” can find its reason to be. The jury will be presided by the curator of the triennial. He will have power to veto votes. The 3 members of art schools will also possess veto power. The jury will convene before the end of September. The selected candidates will then be asked to meet with the organizers to discuss details.
  15. Selected candidates may request financial assistance for production costs (maximum 700 Euros ,VAT included) This amount will not be allotted if the work is already produced or does not present any specific exposition costs). This does not include any transportation and deposit fees, which are the responsibility of the photographer. Neither does it include insurance, hanging, handling, exposition and security costs which are covered by the organizers.
  16. In the event of the sale of an exhibited item during the biennale, the contestant agrees to forfeit 10% of the sale to the organizers. This amount will however not exceed the amount allocated for financial assistance.
  17. The works exhibited remain the property of the photographer and they will be retuned according to points 3 and 4 of these guidelines.
  18. Applications which were not selected can be collected, after having previously called, at the institute during the months of November and December. All files not claimed by the 15th of December will be considered abandoned.
  19. A printed document will be generated for this event, which will ensure visibility of all participants.
  20. Participants agree to waive their rights concerning the use of their image within the framework of the biennial, the production of printed documents, operation and communication of the event (this concerns all media).